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Overview Work packages

WP1 Needs analysis and preparation for establishing the ARTIST networks

Individual experiences and expectations towards the intended ARTIST curriculum are analysed. Inputs and from existing curricula and teacher training materials that are related to the intentions of ARTIST are collected. An analysis is performed about general and agreed needs and local needs that are different between partners. All the partners also identify schools and business partners to form the regional ARTIST networks. Potential partners are contacted and their interest in cooperation is evaluated. Based on the selection of schools and business partners the networks’ structures are sketched and intended interactions are mapped out by all partners.

WP 2 Development of ARTIST training courses

A course structure and teaching materials about how to do Action Research in educational settings and how to establish and maintain partnership networks of HEIs and schools will be developed. The course structure and teaching materials will be developed based on a needs analysis, good practice reports, collaboration between the partner institutions, and adapting the ARTIST principles to the local needs of the partner institutions. Training materials, teaching guides, slide shows and handouts will be prepared for the trainings An Action Research Guide specifically focusing science education will be developed, which will help secondary and tertiary science teachers to plan, conduct and evaluate their research. Materials will cover basics of conducting Action Research for informing practice and introduction of innovations in teaching science. Training and the guide materials are to be translated to all local languages. The ARTIST courses will be piloted first and based on the piloting results the final drafts of the course structure are to be developed and implemented. Students and trainees will participate in the piloting in all eight ARTIST beneficiary institutions. They will participate in evaluation and fine‐tuning of the curriculum.

WP 3 Developing ARTIST networks and centres

Networks of the partner universities, schools and enterprises are formed around each of the ARTIST universities, to ensure sufficient background and impact of the project. Institutions will develop existing infrastructure by procuring and installing specific equipment and materials needed to promote teacher education for career orientation related to the industries in the partnership network. Equipment includes special media or items for demonstrating, studying and investigating, e.g., biochemical, genetic or technological processes. Equipment will be purchased and installed in all ARTIST universities in the partner countries. ARTIST centres will officially be launched as supporters and facilitators for schools and teachers doing Action Research in science education.

WP 4 Website, training courses and final conference

Workshops on doing Action Research and establishing/coordinating networks with enterprises for building up effective practices in career orientation will be held in Georgia, Israel and the Philippines. Training modules on Action Research and education‐industry/SME‐networking and case study research in science education will be provided. Local trainings will involve all teaching staff, teachers, student teachers and educational policy makers. Trainings will be followed by the continuous guidance and consultation in an online ARTIST community. Decision makers, teachers and other relevant professionals of the ARTIST countries will be held aware of the ARTIST curriculum, its aims and implementation steps. For this purpose several publications, including the leaflets, reports and presentations are going to be developed and distributed via the ARTIST website. Finally, an international conference will be held at the end of the project for all stakeholders to discuss the lesson learned and future plans.

WP 5 Case studies and the ARISE journal

The means of the communication will be diversified in order to achieve the maximum outreach. To promote long term sustainability and for the stimulation of the interest into Action Research, the international electronic peer reviewed journal will be established on Action Research and Innovation in Science Education (ARISE). In order to feed the first volume of the ARISE journal Actions Research and innovation case studies are to be conducted by all partners focusing on aspects of inquiry‐based science education, teaching and learning of science, and career orientation in science education.

WP 6 Quality plan

Every process (e.g. course development, establishing of the networks, conducting of action research, trainings etc.) will be assessed on local and if applicable on international level. On the local level, all partner universities will formally evaluate progress in the development and implementation of the ARTIST project by regular reports . An external evaluator will review the reports, do Skype videos with all partners, and provide critical feedback.

WP 7 Management

The management will coordinate the developmental, managerial, evaluation and dissemination processes for ARTIST: procedures coordinated and unified, schedule elaborated, proper discharge of responsibilities ensured.