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The focus of ARTIST is to innovate science education through classroom‐based and teacher‐driven Action Research. Action Research aims for the cyclical innovation of authentic practices through the Action Research cycle of innovation, research, reflection and further improvement of the innovation approach. Beyond the interest of concrete change and innovation, Action Research aims for the generation of knowledge and best practice strategies, serving as a pattern for innovations in the field of interest in general, but also in contributing to the continuous professional development of the acting practitioners. ARTIST considers Action Research to be one of the most promising strategies for innovating science education and creating evidence‐based classroom practices in domain‐specific educational studies.

Action Research seeks to improve classroom practice by cycles of innovation, research, reflection and revision. The approach chosen in ARTIST is an accompanied, participatory, and teacher‐centred interpretation of Action Research. Innovations are thought out, implemented, researched, and reflected by the practitioners under the direction of science education researchers from the HEIs leading towards the next step of innovation. The curricular focus behind ARTIST is introducing science education researchers and prospective and practicing secondary and tertiary level science teachers towards the philosophy and methods of Action Research, in order to form a basis for research‐based innovation in science education. ARTIST provides the framework for the development of appropriate training materials, courses and activities. ARTIST will be the platform for the exchange and sustainable implementation of Action Research into science education within the participating HEIs.

In order to give Action Research activities within ARTIST a joint and valuable focus, ARTIST aims to raise motivation and achievement in science education and to enhance interest and improve the opportunities of the young generation in careers and further education in science and engineering. To connect the idea of Action Research for innovating science education with the aim of improving the career opportunities of the young generation in science and engineering, a unique feature of ARTIST is the development of networks of universities with schools and industry/SMEs. Each HEI within ARTIST will build up a regional network around it, consisting of the HEI, secondary schools and representatives of industry/SMEs.